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For over twenty years we have serviced the leaders in the industry. We have an impeccable reputation in the chemical processing, water/wastewater, refining, fertilizer, chlor-alkali, petroleum production, pulp/paper, and offshore industries. We provide consulting and inspection with nonmetallic protective systems against corrosion. Please check out our pages on the types of materials we deal with on a daily basis. It is time you trust us to bring it home. 


Michael Yee

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

With over a decade with industry and started managing corrosion projects; Michael Yee has presented over a hundred presentations on the best practices with nonmetallics and trains champions of each specialty. 

Richard Taraborelli

Predecessor and Board Member

With over 35 years with industry and having mentored Michael Yee; the business of duplicating the right way has become a movement in the industry. From the toughest projects to the 24/7 turnarounds, RT has been there and come back to build up champions of success in nonmetallics.

The Team


Our inspectors and engineers are trained by mentors and are ready to make all nonmetallic projects a success. We see it through with many clients in different industries and are always ready for the next challenge that comes our way.


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Tel: 713-489-3934

Fax: 281-944-7117


USA Office:

7028 Burkett St

Houston, TX 77021

UAE Office:

508 Rania 

Business Center

Al Barsha 1, Dubai

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